Friday, February 19, 2010

Just a little bit left of the twos

Just a few more weeks and Selena turns three.  It truly is crazy how fast your kids grow up.  The last year has been kind of a blur.  Selena is doing great and is just full of funny things she says.  I'm trying hard not to laugh at them right when she says them, because I know she is just emulating what she sees around her and trying to be a big girl. 

Right now she enjoys painting, sending and receiving mail, cooking (ie making up her own recipes to mix together in a bowl), riding her trike, watching Curious George, acting like a cat, wrestling with Allie, swinging really high on the swings, and playing with her toy dogs.  She has mastered climbing the tree in our front yard, swinging from the branch and jumping down.

Some cute Selena moments:

- I moan as she dumps all the socks on the floor that I just put away and she says, "Mom, don't get whiny."
- She tells me, "Allie is the best baby in town."
- We've been enjoying the "Pants on the Ground" song from American Idol and she woke up in the morning and her diaper was falling off and I said that it must be uncomfortable for her and she says in all seriousness, "Maybe that's how people's pants get on the ground."
- She wanted to create a rainbow using a flashlight, paper, and a glass of water like she saw on Curious George and we were having a hard time getting it to work so I said we needed to get her Dad to help since he is the science teacher.  He was sleeping upstairs so she start's yelling, "Mr. Bangerter Dad, Mr. Bangerter Dad."
- One day she tells me, "I'm growing to be a big human and I need big human toys.  Like an Ipod, or a computer, or something else."  I respond, "An Ipod or a computer?"  and she says, "Or something else. Like maybe a big human flashlight."  I say, "I think we'll go with the big human flashlight." and she says, "Ok."

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