Tuesday, August 24, 2010

15 months

Allie is 15 months and just as cute as ever.  She's kind of a ragamuffin always getting into things and making messes.  She is learning new words every day.  Recently she started saying "Seenuh" for Selena.  When she can't find her she'll start yelling "Seenuh, Seenuh" and then ask us, "ud seenuh go" (where'd Selena go).  She has also added "thank you", "belly button", "super why" and "one, two, three" to her repertoire.  She really likes belly buttons and noses.  She is always showing us hers and finding ours.  Shoes are also very cool, and we have lots of conversations about shoes, and where'd they go.  She is always taking her shoes on and off and losing them so we have to find them about 3 times every time we go somewhere.

She likes to take her diaper off and run around the house.  She likes to run away and be chased.  She's become adept at moving the furniture around so she can climb up and get things.

She is still abusive.  Selena's started calling her Abusive Allie.  She doesn't seem to be mad, most of the time.  She just smacks you and gouges out your face.  She thinks it is funny.  It is getting old.

She is still a great berry picker.  She homes in on the huckleberries and she enthusiastically went after the blackberries even though they scratched up her belly.

We've gone swimming a couple times and she enjoys that.  Just as long as she can do what Selena is doing she is happy.

We went out and got Allie her own baby doll since she and Selena were fighting over Selena's.  They still fight over Selena's.  Allie just gathers up hers, Selena's and another baby doll we had and tries to carry them all around.  She brought them all over to me and said, "uuh, two, tee."  :)  She likes to undress and attempt to dress the babies with their dresses and diapers.

She enjoys dancing, especially to the Super Why songs.  One night her and Selena were dancing out on the deck in the dark to their own singing.  It was incredibly cute.

She's gone back to going to bed fairly easy.  We moved her to a mattress on the floor next to our bed so now I at least start the night with no kids in the bed.  However 99% of the time by the morning they are both snuggled up to me.

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