Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arrived in Newport Beach

The drive to Los Angeles was really, really long.  The roads were really bumpy and Dyna had decided she didn’t like driving in the RV due to all the noisy crashes that occurred whenever we hit a bump.  She was having a complete panic attack and was climbing on everyone and was not safe.  She kept waking the girls up, and I was unable to sleep much because I had to stop her from harassing Floyd.  When I tied her up she’d start barking.  I was super tired and was very angry. We thought about stopping at a rest stop and cutting the trip short, but the most convenient rest stop was closed.

We didn’t end up getting to Newport Beach until 5am.  About a 10 hour drive.  It didn’t help that I navigated us wrong at the end.  But we did get there, and we were able to park in the lot to wait until morning to check in.  I slept a few hours before the girls got up.  When they did we tried getting some breakfast at the restaurant, but they are only open for breakfast on the weekend.  We ended up going to the convenience store at the resort and buying a 7 dollar box of cereal.  The girls played in the sand and on the playground till Floyd got up.

We got our site and set ourselves up.  Floyd took the girls to explore while I took a nap.  Everyone went to bed early.

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