Sunday, February 26, 2012

Heading South for the Winter

We just spent the past month in Southern California and I'll be updating this blog with a travel log of our adventures.

Last winter was a long one.  I was on epilepsy medications that messed with my mind, and the never-ending rain and gray really got to me.  I told Floyd that next winter we should head to Vegas.  We might as well take advantage of the benefits of being self-employed and the girls not being in school yet.  He said that there was a big poker tournament series in Los Angeles in February.  I thought L.A. sounded like a lot more fun than Vegas and that we should do it.

This winter rolled around and I started looking into vacation rentals, and they were a bit more money than I wanted to spend.  It was especially hard to find ones that allowed pets.  My mom had the great idea of taking an RV.  Renting one was expensive as well, but Floyd's dad had an older smaller one.  So we decided that the price was right, and that would work just fine.

We packed up our stuff, at the end of January, in the pouring rain, with snow and ice remnants still on the ground, and headed to where it was sunny and warm.

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