Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looking at the Bright Side

So there hasn't been much good from this mess, but there has been a bit.  For instance:

-  My family has been super helpful and babysitting the girls more often.  I've gotten more kid free hours and even some kid free nights, which has been wonderful.  Floyd and I probably have gone out on more dates in the last month than we had in the last year.

- While psychologically I'm really missing ice cream, I did kind of wanted to quit eating sugar as it is pretty stressful for your body to deal with all the blood sugar swings, and it is damaging to your immune system.  Well whether I wanted to or not I've pretty much quit sugar.  I had considerably reduced the amount I ate, but now I'm pretty much not eating any sweeteners (I do eat a lot of fruit though).  Some days I might have a bite or two of a cookie or ice cream, but any more than that makes me feel horrible.

- I have learned to ride the bus.  However I must say trying to take two small children on public transportation is not that easy.

- I've been walking more places.  While I try to walk instead of drive anyways, now I've been forced to.

- Though weaning was sad, it has allowed Allie to spend the night at her Nana's without me feeling like I am going to explode from milk overload.

- I got really cool pictures of my brain.  Kind of gross but cool at the same time.

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