Friday, November 12, 2010

Refusing to Wear a Diaper

Allie is 17 months old and refusing to wear a diaper.  After cleaning up Selena's accidents for a year I decided that I was not going to do any potty training with Allie till she was absolutely ready and was refusing to wear a diaper.  I did not expect that to happen at 16-17 months.  I was assuming 2.5-3.5 years old.  She has been asking to sit on the potty for a while now, but she would just sit on it, use some toilet paper and that was about it.  If I noticed she was pooping in her diaper I would say, "Are you pooping?" just to let her know what she was doing was called.  Well one day she was sitting on the potty and she peed.  I smiled and said, "You peed on the potty."  When she was done I said, "If you pee and poop on the potty all the time you can wear undies."  She said, "Cool!"  After that she started telling me, "Potty, potty, poop, pee" and I would take her to the bathroom and she would go.  I didn't make too big a deal about it (some stuff I've read said that overly enthusiastic reactions to common activities can make a child lose interest and from my experience it does seem to be true). I just stated with a smile, "You went poop on the potty."  However I did brag about it to Floyd and family with her in ear shot.  Then she started taking off her diaper and throwing a fit if I tried to put one on her.  Now she runs around naked.  She has been telling me when she needs to go, or going at the same time as me or Selena, but has had quite a few accidents as well.  If she is excessively reminded she seems to have more accidents.  She really seems to hate cloth diapers. :(  But likes the 1-2-tree (the decorations on the diaper) Seventh Generation training pants I got for Selena at night time, so she has been wearing those out and at night and then I've been making her wear cloth during nap and she's been running around naked at home.  I'm kind of at a loss where to go from here.

She is talking a bunch mostly about all the things she wants.  "I want mama, I want Seenuh, I want dyna, I want daddy, I want cup, I want water, etc).  She loves going through books and pointing at all the pictures and naming what they are.  She can give you a real adamant "NO" too, when you ask her to do something she doesn't want to.

She is definitely in a messy stage.  She enjoys pulling every single book off the shelf and piling them up in various locations.  She enjoys pulling all the blocks out and dumping them all over the floor.  Taking all the puzzle pieces out of all the puzzles and leaving them there.  I love this age, but I am excited for this phase to be over.

Since she weaned we have lost the easy nursing to sleep option so I've reintroduced back to the wonderful SSC (for a while she stopped liking it because I kind of used it as a way of confining her so I hadn't been using it a whole lot).  I cozy her up in it and walk around the house for a few minutes and she's out.  For naps I like using the stroller.  I bundle her up, put on my boots, and take a quick stroll on the nature trails around our house.  I get some fresh air and it seems to be the easiest way to get her to sleep.

Halloween was fun.  I was pretty sure she would like it.  At first she was a little unsure what was going on, but after going to a handful of houses she learned to say trick or treat and grab as much candy as she could.  She wore the monster costume Selena wore when she was one, and Selena was a monster too.  They were pretty cute.

She's into baby dolls right now and she collects all the babies in the house and puts them in the stroller and pushes them around.  She likes to have Floyd or I dress and undress them repeatedly.  She also argues with Selena over the TV.  She wants to watch Super Why while Selena wants Bob the Builder.  Since her attention span is only about 1 minute Selena usually wins.  She also asks for "Dyna" on the computer.  Which means she wants to play the Word World games on the PBS website.

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