Sunday, April 10, 2011

Carseat Safety

Some people have asked me why Selena, at four years old, is still rear-facing.  There are all sorts of data showing the safety of rear facing, recommendations from various institutions, and laws regarding carseat safety, but really all I needed was to watch these two videos (the videos are below - 1 is 12 seconds the other 4 so they do not take long to watch) and know that I would keep my child rear facing as long as the car seat was built to allow it.  I also made sure to buy seats that allowed rear facing up to larger sizes.  I am fairly liberal compared to many parents as far as child safety, believing in many cases that the learning benefits outweigh the "risk".  Thus I let my kids climb on high things, stand on chairs, and use scissors, but riding in a car is highly dangerous so I make sure to keep them as safe as possible.  It isn't an inconvenience to have them facing backwards, and they aren't missing out on any opportunities, so I figure why change. 

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