Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Nook Thief

Allie is 23 months old, still a one year old for a bit longer, but she gets more and more grown up each day.  I got a Nook Color for Christmas and I rooted it and installed a puzzle game, a sock matching game, and Angry Birds.  She was already stealing it before I rooted it to read, Pete the Cat.  Now she steals it to play puzzles, match socks and make stuff timber.  She quickly became adapt at using it and is pretty self-sufficient.  If she needs some help she asks Selena, who by the way, knew all about Angry Birds, even when I had no clue.  Apparently Uncle Chris had shown her how to play on his phone.

Allie's conversation abilities is ever increasing.  Today she was explaining to me why she should get to watch her television show and not the one Selena wanted because, "I asked first.  Selena watch Diego on the bed.  I watch Super Why on the couch."  She likes to stand on my legs and jump up and down singing, "Dancing a jig, dancing a jig."  She likes licking my face while saying, "Free licks." (That she got from her dad.)

Right now she enjoys doing puzzles and can do the 25 piece cardboard ones with minimal help.  She also is great at building.  She loves Duplo Legos, Citiblocs, and Superstructs.  She also likes swimming.  We've gone to the Y a few times, plus we took a road trip to Olympia and our hotel had a pool, and she really likes splashing, kicking and games in the pool.  At first she clung on to me real tight, but about 20 minutes later she was using a noodle and kicking around the pool.  She likes when we play shark and swim up and get her, as long as we don't pinch her.

Allie's a great eater.  She likes meat.  She scarfs down chicken and steak.  She likes soup.  It makes me feel so wonderful when she has the same appreciation for the delicious soups I make as I do.  She also likes eating eggs and smoothies and we share breakfast every morning.

After a bit of a hiatus in using the toilet, and even at one point taking off her diaper to pee on the floor, she is back to using the toilet often if left bare bottomed.  She is very independent and wants privacy, if the door is open, she will wrap the shower curtain around her so you can't see her.  She also wants to dump her pee and poop from the small toilet into the big toilet by herself.  While she loves trips to the bathroom in public places, she doesn't seem to like to go in a public toilet.  Allie really does not like to be told what to do, so any attempt to make her go on the potty upsets her a lot.  So I plan on letting her go bare bottomed when we are at home, wear diapers during nap and at bed, and either a diaper, a pull-up, or maybe some thick undies with a diaper cover when out and do that for a while and see how it goes.

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