Friday, April 22, 2011

Sewing Some Kids Play Pants

This is a review of the Willow Wayfarer Hipsters for Slimsters kids pants pattern.  I bought it a while ago off of Etsy and have now made 6 pairs of pants from it.  The smallest size in the pattern matches Selena's measurements exactly, and the pants fit her perfectly.  The pattern is made for woven fabrics, but so far I've only used it with knits.  I have even made Allie some pants from this pattern and by using a knit they fit her with a cloth diaper on.  I'm not a huge fan of the large hem (see middle gray/blue pants), but that is easily remedied.  The pants sew together fast.  Probably 30-45 minutes from cutting to finishing.  It is a pdf pattern that you have to print out and tape together, so a bit of work, but also semi-instant gratification.  The pattern is one piece and so simple, yet you can not believe how hard it is to get a pant's pattern that has the crotch curve just right and the waistline just so, believe me I've tried.  While the pants I've made haven't been heart meltingly cute, they have been highly functional.  Hopefully some day I will make a cute, fancy pair, with pockets and applique.

Also I highly recommend the creator's blog Indie Tutes, she's got lots of great stuff.  I also won a copy of her Spitfire Playdress in a giveaway and can't wait to sew it up, though Selena is begging for a ballet leotard first.

From left to right: 
  • Old cotton/lycra yoga pants of mine recycled for Selena.  I wore them while pregnant with Selena so they were both too small, and too big at the same time. ;)
  • Nice 100 Polartec Fleece.  I didn't have enough of this left to cut so the stretch was width-wise, so I had to cut it with the stretch length wise.  Since the pattern is for wovens I had no problem.
  • Some random knit I bought at Joanns for very cheap.
Here is Selena wearing her pants (on the right).  The ones Allie are wearing are from Old Navy, however the jacket is a monster Halloween costume I made for Selena when she was two.  Allie wears it often. I just want to add that these girls get along so much better when we are outside.

* This review is of a sewing pattern I purchased.  I was not given anything for this review, or even asked to write it.  

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