Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rhubarb Scones

When we moved in last year we discovered a few rhubarb plants in our backyard.  Last year I picked all the rhubarb, except one stalk on each plant, in one go and made strawberry-rhubarb ice cream and then did nothing with the rest and it went bad.  The plant withered away over the winter and I couldn't even tell where it went.

Then magically, it started growing this spring--and it grew fast. It got bigger and bigger and bigger and I didn't do a thing!  Definitely my kind of gardening.  However I did do a bit more research and came across an article saying to pick just a bit at a time and the rhubarb will continue to grow and you'll be supplied all summer long, so that is what I plan to try.  I made some more strawberry-rhubarb ice cream with the first batch I picked and decided to try making scones with the second batch.  I made these scones last year with wild red huckleberries and thought rhubarb might taste good too.

I chopped the rhubarb up into tiny pieces and then "dehydrated" it in the oven for 2 hours at 180 degrees.  This didn't completely dry it, but it did reduce the water content.  Then I made scones using this recipe and they are delicious.  I think the lemon zest is what makes them special.  I do prefer the huckleberries more than the rhubarb, maybe next time I won't cut the rhubarb  as tiny, or maybe I'll do huckleberries and rhubarb!  Mmmmm.  I might have to go and eat the rest right now.

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