Friday, March 23, 2012

Do You Want to See A Magic Trick?

Allie is creeping up on three years old.  The fun thing she is into right now is magic tricks.  Amazing tricks she can do with her own body--like balancing on one foot, running really fast, climbing over and under stuff, going upside down.  :)  She is constantly asking us to watch the newest trick she has figured out.

Jokes are another fun item.  Just follow the formula and people laugh.  Knock, Knock.  Who's there?  You?  You who?  Ha ha ha ha.  Why did the baby wear a yellow dress?  Because it was yellow day.  Ha ha ha ha.  They never get old.

She is still very into computers and has figured out how to use the mouse all on her own.  She no longer needs Selena, Floyd or I to navigate for her. is her favorite hang out.

She likes to run, but dislikes it when Selena doesn't give her a head start.  She's gotten especially devious in the last few months thinking of ways to torment her older sister.  She says she only torments Selena when Selena is being mean to her.

Her favorite things to eat are eggs and peanut butter and jelly, bananas and stinky sandwich.

She likes pretending she is a baby, and she folds up nicely in your arms--so soft and squishy. :)  The other night Selena was asking her if she remembered being a baby, and she said yes.  I asked her if she remembered being in my tummy and she said, yes it was comfy and warm.  Selena asked her if she remembered drinking mom's milk and she said yes, it tasted like yummy strawberries.  She has an active imagination, so I'm not sure if she was just playing with us.

She likes telling stories, especially ones about bad guys, and the big bad wolf.  She likes pretending she is the gingerbread man, running fast as she can.  She likes petting Dyna and playing with her.  She brings her dolls over and snuggles with her.

I had to turn around her car seat because she was too tall.  I just turned Selena around a few months ago, but Selena's car seat is a lot bigger.

As a one year old she was very adventurous, but as a two year old she got a big cautious--less likely to climb up high.  Now she seems to be getting a bit more daring and a bit more independent.  She is constantly bringing chairs over and getting things she shouldn't be getting out of cupboards.  She also has a habit of sticking stuff up her nose.  It is really frustrating.

She is too cute! I love getting big hugs from her.

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