Monday, March 5, 2012

First Day at Newport Dunes Resort

Me and the girls got up and ate breakfast.  We headed to Goodwill to try and find some summer clothes for Selena.  She had grown out of all hers.  I couldn't find it for the life of me. So I stopped at Old Navy and asked an employee, he said he had looked for it to and couldn't find it either, so he sent me to one that was a couple miles away. A couple weeks later I realized it was there, it was just named something different, but had the Goodwill logo in the window. Either way it was completely unorganized (clothing was kind of sorted by color, which I think that was about the most inconvenient way it could be sorted, by size would be preferable), but we found a bunch of clothes for 20 bucks. I got lectured by the employees because the girls were sitting on the bikes and toys. Apparently that isn't allowed. But I have found an appreciation for thrift shopping—especially since she completely stained most of the shirts I bought the first day she wore them.

Floyd got up and went for a short run and then headed out to the casino.  One of the reasons we chose to stay at Newport Dunes was that it looked like it would have enough stuff for me and the girls to do when we didn’t have a car.  Today we did our laundry and went to the pool.  The pool was a bit chilly because it was windy, but we had fun.   I was in shock over the weather.  I didn’t really believe that it could be hot and sunny in January.  Amazing.

After swimming we ate some dinner and then played in the sand for a bit.  Selena and Allie were looking for the biggest prettiest seashell they can find.  The shells at the lagoon were all too small. 

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