Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

photo by Gary Zorko 
The one really rainy day we had while we were in L.A. we spent at the Natural History Museum.  They had a brand new dinosaur exhibit and Selena had been wanting to see real dinosaur fossils.  Overall the museum is targeted towards older kids which is probably why kids 5 and under are free, but the girls still enjoyed it.


  • The museum is mostly bones and taxidermy.  The dinosaur bones were pretty cool.  There was one exhibit that you could put together a dinosaur skeleton yourself.  If we had gone a couple months earlier Selena would have been absolutely thrilled, as it was she was over her dinosaur phase, and her interest level was more moderate.  
  • There was a bird section that I enjoyed.  Poor Selena ran smack into a window and completely collapsed.   I found it ironic that it was a bird exhibit where it happened.  After that she came up with the heuristic, "to look with her hands first."  
  • The seashell section was fun too.  We had been collecting lots of seashells and they had an oyster shell that was so big it could have fit one of the girls.  
  • I liked the rock section.  They had a quartz sphere on display that looked like a magical crystal ball.  I wanted one.

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