Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Huntington Dog Beach

We had multiple visits to the Huntington Dog Beach.  The beach is a little over a mile long and there is plenty of sand and water for all.  Dogs aren't allowed on the beaches around where we were, or if they were allowed, only in the mornings and evenings, but on this one stretch of beach they are allowed and can be off leash.  

Our first trip was on the weekend and it was really crowded.  It was hard to find parking and we had to walk quite a ways.  Also the meters only take quarters and you need a lot of them.  We lucked out the first time and parked in a spot with a broken meter.  The farther north you go the less people there were, but also the less parking.  There is one parking lot in the middle of the beach, but you have to scramble rocks to get to the sand because there isn't a walkway.  

Dyna and I went for a run every time we were there.  It was wonderful running barefoot in the sand.  The view was nice, except for the oil rigs.  I tried to turn my head so I couldn't see them, but at the same time they were interesting.  There were rigs out in the ocean, and there were drills across the street from the beach.  There was even a drill in someone's backyard!  Anyway it was nice running in the sun, on the beach, and not having to worry about a leash for Dyna.  Sometimes other dog's joined us for a bit.  Dyna kept on trying to drink the ocean water though.  You think she would have learned after trying it once.  

The girls loved the beach too.  They finally got to find big seashells.  I picked up the biggest ones I could find while I was running.  Both girls wanted to go for runs as well.  On our last visit to the beach Selena and I ran by a spot where there were a lot of seashells in a pile and she was so excited.  She kept exclaiming over and over, "This is the most seashells I've ever seen in my whole life.  This is so amazing! Can you believe it."  She was absolutely giddy.  Our first visit to the beach I limited the girls to bringing two shells a piece home.  Then Nana and Papa came to visit and Selena and Nana collected lots, and lots of shells to bring home.  Nana was great at identifying what kind of animal came from what kind of shell.  Allie went on quite a few runs and kept exclaiming how fast she was.  

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