Friday, May 1, 2009

38 weeks pregnant

I am 38 weeks pregnant (plus a day) and actually feel pretty great. For the past week and a half I haven't had any bad days where I feel yucky all day. I haven't had any bad heartburn either. Yay! I attribute it to my focus on eating beef and iron.

My midwife says the baby is in perfect position and all aligned ready to go. I thought the head might be off to the side so she took a peek with the ultrasound and I saw the baby swallow and smile. Very cute. But we only saw the head. No peeking at the sex.

I've been having some cramping all week, but nothing that feels very immediate or real to me. I'm still wondering when and how it will all happen. I'm waiting for the magical moment when I "know" it is time.

I lost a couple pounds this week, so I probably had some extra fluid last week. My blood pressure was still good. She offered to check my cervix but I declined. So we continue to wait.

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