Saturday, May 23, 2009

41 weeks pregnant

Actually 41 weeks and 1 day. I really didn't think I'd make it to my due date, but I really, really didn't think I'd make it past 41 weeks.

But I had an appointment today and my midwife did a non-stress test and the baby did great. I've been having a bajillion Braxton Hicks but of course during the test I didn't have one, but as soon as she took the belt off I did. This baby is a tricky one. I did get my cervix checked this time and I am 3cm dilated, 90% effaced, and the baby was at -1 station. So it would be nicer if the baby was a little lower, but my water is in the way.

She refused to schedule me another appointment and said that I won't make it through the weekend. But I did ask her what would happen if I do, and she said she'll do another non-stress test on Tuesday. If I do make it to 42 weeks then she has to pass me over to the docs since then I'm no longer low risk. So at 41 weeks 6 days she says she will induce me by breaking my water and using some homeopathic concoctions. If that doesn't work then I would transfer to the hospital and see whoever is on call. But she says that she has never had to do this. I really don't want to be induced, but I do think that breaking my water would do the trick. And her induction plan sounds a ton better than being put on Pitocin, especially since I will still have access to a tub, which I think is super important and helpful in being comfortable during birth. And the fact that she says she hasn't had to transfer someone makes me feel confident it will work if it comes to that.

I have had some sporadic pressure waves that have had the potential to be real, but they have just petered out. I've actually just had a few while typing this. I feel like I can tell my body to have one, but once I stop thinking about it they disappear. I might have lost part of my mucus plug this morning and am in a surprisingly good mood and have a bit of energy which is what happened the day Selena was born. But I've spent the last 4 weeks thinking various things could be signs it is soon and yet here I still am.

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Sailing with bare feet said...

Uh I'm also 41 weeks and one day.
Tomorrow I have a non stress test and then if that's fine I'm getting induced Wednesday. My first due date was Jan 24... then they changed it to Feb 4 I didn't think I would make it to either...but I passes both. Can't believe it. I'm super grumpy and Moody. And I feel like I'm going to be big the rest of my life and never be attractive again.
My husband has been so amazing threw this whole pregnancy. He cleans more then I do.
Sorry...but I really needed to vent. Thanks.