Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well the good thing about still being pregnant...

is that I've been able to finish a lot more sewing projects than I thought I would.

Here are four fitted diapers I've been able to make. I wasn't going to make any newborn size diapers because the baby will only be able to wear them for about a month, but I had some french terry bamboo fabric that was only big enough to make newborn diapers and they are so tiny and cute that I figured why not. I also made a couple size small fitted diapers.

I used Shar's version of Wee Weka Side Snap, adjusted to a NB size for the newborn pattern from theNappy Network, but I found the front wings too wide so I trimmed them at least an inch on each side for the second one I made. I used my own pattern for the small sized fitteds.

From left to right: bamboo french terry, quilting cotton outer bamboo french terry inner, unknown knit with a bamboo velour inner, bamboo velour

Also I was really excited because I got to use my new snap pliers. I've been wanting to try and make snap diapers for a while, but in order to apply snaps I would have needed a $130-$150 snap press, which I really couldn't justify buying. But then I found out that there was a yahoo coop for a set of snap pliers for $20. So I got them and they are perfect. I haven't had any problems setting the snaps and they are in really tight, almost impossible to remove (I had to use a drill to remove them when I made a mistake).

I also was able to make another soft structured baby carrier. After making two carriers as gifts from this free SCC pattern I decided that the resulting carriers were way too big for me, so I went back to the original pattern I had made but included the darts in the body from the free pattern. I also couldn't decide what kind of padding (camping mat, versus yoga mat, versus foam) I wanted in the belt so I made it have an opening that I could unsnap and I could switch out the padding whenever I wanted. This also will make it very easy to throw the whole thing in the washing machine. I loved the way it turned out, but I'm afraid I made the straps a little short. It is hard to tell since I can't exactly try it on due the gigantic belly I currently have. I don't think they will be too short to make the carrier not useful, but they might make it not quite as comfortable as it could have been. We'll have to see. I still have to sew on the chest strap, but I'm going to wait till after I have the baby to figure out the best placement.


Melzie said...

I found your blog while searching for "make your own maternity clothes" :) Looks like its almost 'time' huh? I am 11 wks along and my due date feels FORRRRRREVVVVVVERRRRR away (12/10) I'll check back and see how you're doing ;) I'm also checking out some of your craft patterns. xoxo melzie

Sara Blackard said... did the diapers work? We are trying to have another and this time around I want to use cloth diapers. I have friends who bought theirs and love leaks, etc. Did yours do good and how much (approx) did each one cost you to make?

Laura said...

Honestly sewing diapers probably was more expensive then buying them because I never bought a pattern and kept on trying to use free ones. Then I made tons of diapers that didn't work and leaked. So I would highly recommend buying a pattern. I think the Very Baby pattern is good or maybe the Jalie one. I found that prefold diapers were the easiest, leaked the least, and were the best value. But you have to get the ones that are shorter than normal otherwise they are way too bulky. Greenmountain diapers has the good ones. I do recommend cloth diapers, and sewing them is a lot of fun, but I personally found it took a lot of trial and error before I was able to make ones that worked well.

Laura said...

ok I just read my post and realized I used a free pattern for the NB ones. They did work well with the changes I made. But she grew out of them in about a month. So honestly they were just for the cuteness factor. :)