Friday, May 15, 2009

Mama help me. I'll do it myself. Mama help me.

Those are the words I hear many, many times a day. Unfortunately being super pregnant makes me less patient and sometimes those words are very frustrating for me.

I forgot to sign her up for toddler gym this month, but fortunately the weather has been mostly nice so we've been visiting the park often as well as going to library story times. She's been riding her trike some and is starting to get the hang of it. The local children's museum has a program they started at the local libraries with arts, crafts, toys, dancing, and stories that is a lot of fun. Sometimes it gets pretty crowded, and then I get a little overwhelmed, but Selena doesn't seem to mind.

Selena's thing this month is making dresses and diapers for baby doll. She goes into my sewing room and picks out fabric, a pattern, and some velcro, and then gets her own "sharp, green, scissors" (they really aren't sharp, they are the round edge kind) and starts snipping away. So we've sewn four dresses for baby doll so far. The craftsmanship isn't the greatest on them since Selena sits on my non-existent nap and snips the threads for me and it isn't easy to get nice hems or seams with a wiggly toddler helping, but she enjoys the process so that is all that matters.

Favorite books for the month are:

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Cheris said...

You are such a good and very busy mamma!! Both my kids have gone through that "help me, no..let me do it" It can get frusterating.